why RETIRING in ecuador?

The South American country has become a hot spot for retirees looking to stretch their post-career dollars far further than in other locations. From its balmy, moderate weather to incredible biodiversity, dizzying array of activities, and comprehensive healthcare system, Ecuador has lots to offer those who choose to relocate here.



Ecuador lies right on the equator, with mostly indistinguishable seasons that remain warm. Summers are dry, winters wet, and the entire country stays mild year round.

Temps in the high-altitude capital city of Quito stay in the pleasant mid-60s Fahrenheit range, while coastal cities, including Guayaquil, can top out in the mid to upper 80s.

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Long hailed as efficient and affordable, Ecuador’s healthcare system is another big draw for expats making decisions about their next home.  There is both a public, universal system as well as a private one to consider, but all residents, including expats, must have health insurance. The public system offers good rates and access, but can be difficult to navigate if you’re not fluent in Spanish. The private system offers more care options, but will be more expensive.

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The Cost and Quality of Living

Overall, expats will find their retirement savings stretch much further in Ecuador than other locales. Rent is economical, realty is affordable, plus shopping and building costs are lower, too. Utilities are very reasonable, and there’s no need for expensive heating and A/C bills. If you expand your palate and opt to shop for local produce, you’ll find far lower prices. Same goes for the major foodstuffs if you shop like a local and avoid imported brands or products.

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The Culture And History

Ecuador is the perfect place for a history lover to poke around and perhaps make a permanent post-career home. Much of the country remains Catholic, and in Ecuador, you’ll find a church no matter the size of the town. The cathedrals in the larger cities are grand, as are the festivals and events celebrating saints and feast days. The grand colonial plazas, preserved throughout Ecuador, are treasure troves to explore, with many having been converted into museums and other public spaces.

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The Natural Beauty

No matter your interest in activity or preference in setting — Ecuador has it all. This is a place where you can truly choose your own adventure, each and every day, thanks to Mother Nature’s gifts on full display here. And of course, the famed Galapagos Islands (a bucket-list destination for many nature lovers!) are a quick regional flight away.

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The Incredible Biodiversity

This natural vibrancy is a marvel to behold. From the bright birds, monkeys, and reptiles of the rainforests to the pumas, foxes, and bears that reside in the Andes, you’ll want to keep exploring to meet the country’s many — and much-varied — plant and animal ambassadors. And if you live here permanently, you might just be lucky enough to see a few of them from just outside your window!

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